Allow us to simplify the process for you

We will take care of your system design for you from start to finish in few simple steps.

Step 1: Home / Business / Ranch Energy Audit

An energy audit is critical to every solar project. Let’s discuss your electric bill, insulation, windows, and doors. If a solar system is applicable in your situation, GoSolarGo will provide you with a individualized quote.

Step 2: The Design

Every solar system is as unique as every customer. Thus the design process becomes critical. Our GoSolarGo engineer will design a customized solar solution based on your inputs on your energy needs.

Step 3: The Final Step

Post project completion, we do a complete system test and walk through with each customer to ensure satisfaction.

Step 4: Turn on the power!

Here’s the best part. Once the utility company gives approval for your interconnection, you get to flip the switch to start generating your own clean, affordable electric.

Step 5: After Sale Service and Support!

We encourage any questions or concerns you may have about the solar products being used for your design, the process itself, or about the performance of your system at any time. We will respond quickly to all inquiries.