The power in your hands

GoSolarGo understands customers. We know our customers do not have the time or the inclination to understand the jargons of the solar world. So, we simplified everything for you. We offer simple and easy to understand financing options. No big words. No fake promises of free electricity during weekends, weekdays between 6PM and 6AM or any other gimmick.

  • $0 due upfront – Pay literally nothing upfront on your solar system and start owning it from day one.
  • Save on electricity – Customers save over the life of the system by paying less for solar energy than they pay the utility company.
  • Let the sun pay your bill – Harnessing solar power allows you to pay off your system cost with easy and affordable monthly payments based on your solar electricity generation and consumption.
  • Reach us anytime – We don’t have large call centers and we know most customers individually by name because GoSolarGo is one big happy family.

$0 down financing

One simple idea always changes the world. Why not use our zero down financing option, to power your solar dream. Invest in your future without burning a hole in your pocket. It is a solid investment with good returns and great benefits.

  • No upfront cost – Get your energy audit for free and pick our zero down financing
  • Lower monthly energy bills – No upfront cost and lower monthly energy bills is a win-win for you
  • 30% or more tax credit – Having solar on your roof will allow you to enjoy federal and state tax credits
  • Optional protection plan – We take care of all system repairs if you choose to go with our optional protection plan
  • Home Business Write Off – Up to 20% tax credit for the next five years
  • Quick Payback on Investment – System purchases typically see a return on investment in less than 10 years
  • 25 years industry standard warranty on solar panels – You own the solar panel system, but if anything goes wrong with the panels, we will make it right